About Mantrin

MANTRIN is a Sanskrit word meaning a scholar especially within artistic or intellectual circles; a counselor who guides with his ‘mantras’.

Today, opportunities need to be explored and realised in the right way to achieve success. Our story has infinite tangents, and new horizons beckon us with every new chapter that we write.

When the idea of Mantrin was conceived, we felt there was a dearth of a design house, a creative advertising agency and a brand consulting firm in Chandigarh and the Upper North Region. Our story began in 2001 inspiring from a humble idea – ‘Let Us Communicate Better.‘ Thus was born Mantrin, a one stop solution for all these needs.

It has been this insight and meticulous grounding that positions us today as one of the renowned advertising agencies and makes our work stand out.

So far, our key endeavours have been directed towards creating tangible and intangible assets that cultivate relationships and promote mutual development across all media verticals. Our firm belief in client centric philosophy makes us deliver products and services that are consistently innovative and gratifying. Staying ahead of the curve has been a part of our DNA which reflects in the unprecedented success we have achieved in all domains of communication- Creative, Public Relation, Print, Digital, Media Buying, Events and Out-of-home Advertising.

Our specialized service arm caters to all facets of a business enterprise development and maintenance, which include Marketing, Media Planning, Print Advertising, Website Designing, Digital Marketing and TV Advertising. Our team works for the same, helps the client grow & become profitable.


Delivering result-oriented brand marketing programs and public relation campaigns that enhance our clients’ awareness, improve their sales and foster their growth.