Advertising Solutions

When it comes to advertising – the sky is the limit. With powerful outdoor branding, intriguing films and radio jingles, we are today recognised as the best advertising agency in Chandigarh. Our team of experts creates campaigns sure to grab the attention right away.

Media Planning

The process through which we strategize and determine when the adverts will start, which platforms they’ll run on and their frequency so that you get maximum engagement from your targeted audience. This helps set a budget and resources for both offline and online channels.

Media Buying

Media buying involves the process of buying space for advertisements across various channels i.e, TV, radio, print & outdoor, according to the media plan. We evaluate the formats for each platform, check the latest trends, and then move forward accordingly.

Media Distribution

This refers to the geographical distribution for the adverts, i.e, deciding the locations where the adverts will be running. One has to define the boundaries while keeping in mind where the major target audience of the brand resides.